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About us

It is not another success story. It is all about true life experience of a young couple who made a decision to make things happen and to stop waiting for them to happen. We are into tattoo arts since teen but neither of us are pros when we started. Back in 2011, we cleared things out of our apartment over a weekend and turned it into an art studio so we could turn their fascination into reality - create temporary tattoos that are artistically unreal but look just like real tattoo.

Sounds crazy? Sure enough. But, it worked!

It only took us 3 years before Supperb became a registered name brand in temporary tattoo that sells like crazy across the world. Check out our Supperb products on Amazon and see why every customer leaves with a big smile on their face. It involves hard-work and talents, and tons of necessity evils like coffee, takeout and hot debates. We won't deny it. There were times that we were on the break-point of regretting our original decision but we never stopped what we started.

It is no longer a small studio, and we moved into our new office. Now we have to use trays every time we buy coffee during work. :)  Supperb now has more designs than ever to enrich our exclusive product lines, thanks to all new professional artists who joined our team. Things changed because we change things. It is all about pursuit of happiness. At the end of the day. nothing inspires us more than the big smile on your face when you start experiencing our products.